Street light EkoRoad 30W

Light source: 4,500lm Power consumption: 34W

Street light EkoRoad 60W

Light source: 9,000lm Power consumption: 66W

Street light EkoRoad 90W

Light source: 13,500lm Power consumption: 99W

The most energy efficient, best looking, maintenance-free LED street lamp ever.

Cut electricity bills by 60%. EKORoad lamps consume at least 60-70% less power than an equivalent sodium lamp. For a council, this could mean savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, paying back the capital investment in as little as 3 years.
Slash maintenance costs. A 12 year (100,000 hours) lifecycle, compared with two for the sodium equivalent, means long term maintenance-free operation.
Quality inside and out. Highest quality mechanical and electronic components ensure faultless operation. Simple, slim classic design fits any environment.
Long-term warranty. Products are backed by a 5 year warranty in contrast to the usual 2 years.
Better quality light. Output is close to natural daylight with better night-time colour recognition. Prismatic lenses concentrate light where needed, reducing light pollution.

Switch to EKORoad LED street lighting and look on the brighter side of life.

By marrying high quality European production with the latest American LED technology, our range of EKORoad street lights point the way to a brighter future by offering 50% plus energy savings and virtually eliminating maintenance costs.
Easy to fit. Designed as a straightforward upgrade to fit existing lamp post cranes 48-60 mm in diameter.
Low environmental impact. As well as reducing energy consumption and carbon production, LEDs contain no harmful chemicals. All EKORoad lamps are recycled by the manufacturer after use.
The LED units are made by Bridgelux, one of the USA’s leading developers of advanced solid state lighting products. With a rating of 160 lm/W, they consume less than half the energy of sodium lamps and last six times as long. LEDs from most other major manufacturers typically have a rating of about 130 lm/W.
EKORoad lights use patented power-reducing technology developed in Poland by the company’s engineers working with the R&D facilities of the University of Wroclaw.
The fittings are engineered in aluminum and assembled in Poland to exacting European standards. This ensures that EKO products unite the very best in technology with excellent value for money — without compromising performance.
Minimal degradation. Just 5% after 50,000 hours.
Intensity control. Three brightness settings on the 60W and 90W models


World-leading LED light source

Eco friendly

  • Output equal to at least 160 lm/W
  • Lifespan of more than 100,000 hrs
  • Brilliant natural white daylight. 6,000-6,500K (optional 3,000-10,000K)
  • Distortion coefficient less than 10 %
  • Colour delivery coefficient: RA less than 80
  • Quality engineered fitting (caption to close up photo of fitting)
  • Lightweight but tough, made of aluminum with built-in optical-glass lenses. Unique chip technology enables slimmer and smaller fixture than previously possible.
  • Cooled by air circulation without need for additional system
  • Streamlined profile offers minimum resistance to wind, rain and other weather elements.
  • Functions in outside temperatures from -30C to +40C
  • Vandal resistance: IK 10
  • Power coefficient more than 0.95