Floodlight EkoHall 200W

Light source: 27,000lm Power consumption: 200W

Floodlight EkoHall 160W

Light source: 21,600lm Power consumption: 160W

Floodlight EkoHall 120W

Light source: 16,200lm Power consumption: 120W

Floodlight EkoHall 80W

Light source: 12,000lm Power consumption: 90W

EKOHall. Better, brighter floodlighting using up to 80% less energy

The light source is made by industry-leader Bridgelux of the USA and offers the best energy efficiency yet at 160 lm per W. The aluminium fitting is designed and manufactured in Poland, using top quality materials. The distinctive finned design, which is produced by machining rather than die-casting, adds strength, improves ventilation, saves weight and looks good.

Highest durability-excellent quality

Our EKOHall high bay LED floodlights provide an ideal solution for anywhere, indoors or outdoors, that needs bright, natural light evenly distributed over a large area. This includes factory halls, warehouses, sports facilities, urban squares, streets, pedestrian ways and precincts and properties generally.


Brilliantly designed- extremly efficient

People recognise the benefits of LED lighting right away. It’s brighter and has the same quality as daylight, which makes it better for both work and leisure activities. Yet it produces no heat, creating a more controllable environment.
Accountants also recognise the advantages of LED immediately — through lower bills. As well as offering direct energy savings of up to 80%, LEDs save money in other ways. They virtually eliminate maintenance costs, thanks to a lamp lifecycle of more than 50,000 hours, They switch on and off instantly without penalty. And they allow you to use intelligent control systems, which are impossible with sodium.