Brilliant Way: Smarter LED lighting solutions.

Brilliant Way offers a hand-picked range of specialist products from proven European manufacturers, selected for their combination of leading-edge technology, high quality manufacture, low environmental impact and energy efficiency. We believe that all our products offer advantage you won’t find elsewhere. Brilliant Way also offers a comprehensive range of support services, from surveying and design to installation.

EKORoad. Sleek LED street lighting for the 21st Century.

With energy costs continuing to rise, the pressure to replace sodium street lamps with LEDs is mounting. Electricity bills can be cut by at least 50% and maintenance costs virtually eliminated. Our sleekly designed EKORoad street lamps lead the field with their powerful low-energy LED light arrays housed in a high quality, all-weather aluminum fixture. Ideal as both replacement fittings and new installations.

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EKOHall. LED floodlights for the future.

Our powerful LED floodlights are ideal for indoor spaces (like sports halls and arenas) and outdoor locations (like car parks and town squares). They provide dramatically increased lighting levels while offering much lower running costs and fit-and-forget maintenance. They switch on instantly and unlike sodium lamps don’t degrade with age. With a lifespan of 100,000 hours, it could be as long as 20 years before a replacement is needed.

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LED street light

LED floodlight